Aveeno // Daily Moisturising review

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Moisturising, moisturising! I have never been the kind of person who would moisture after every single shower or even on a regular basis up until a couple of years ago. Time to confess I am very lazy when it comes to looking after my body, it a shame!! I remember waking up one day and exfoliating my legs and then realising how yucky me legs felt. It was like touching sandpaper and the closer I looked the more rougher they looked. I have always wanted super model legs. but lets face it I’m not going to have a growth spurt any time soon, but at least I could look after the ones I have. So, I thought that maybe its time to feel like a lady and start looking after my body.

The Aveeno moisturiser has been in my life for as long as I can remember! This is the first moisturiser I ever bough and have been very loyal. Very recently I started using the “creamy oil” version the main product in this is almond oil. This makes the moisturiser very light almost oil like but still a moisturiser. It is very nourishing and keeps the body moisturised for atleast 24 hours. Although this contains oil its does not leave any residue after application.

I am still a very lazy person and I picked this moisturising mist which is so easy to apply and does the same job. On mornings where I don’t have much time or if I am feeling rather lazy I will spray this on quick rub it into the skin and wowzers, you’re good to go!┬áIf you suffer from dry skin, I would recommend the Aveeno moisturiser’s they have worked a charm for me over the years and I have never looked back.

fullsizeoutput_a8e-1440x960 Aveeno // Daily Moisturising review beauty  Beauty Aveeno  [Images]

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