5 new pieces in my wardrobe!

IMG_2451_Fotor-1440x960 5 new pieces in my wardrobe! style  Primark H&M Fashion  [Images]I believe in always updating my wardrobe style whether this be purchasing a few pieces or just one here and there. By taking this step it keeps my style updated with all the current statements and also I get to play around with styling my new purchases with the old. Who doesn’t love dressing up? right?

Saying that I also like to make the regular purchases budget friendly, these 5 items showcase just that! Starting from the right hand side I purchased this blue floral midi-dress from Primark for a whopping £8. This is a beautiful dress to have In your wardrobe for summer. The pattern and the material makes it perfect for those humid and hot days in the uk, this can also be dressed up with a pair of mules and a blazer or dressed down for everyday. I have tried the dress on here but will also feature this in a post!

My life recently has been taken-over by bralets! These little pieces of clothing are such a highlight for any outfit, I wear these just around my house with matching pants or under any piece of clothing to feel a little more feminine. This was for £10.00 also from Primark and is also available in many colours and designs. Similar one worn here!

IMG_2451_Fotor-1440x960 5 new pieces in my wardrobe! style  Primark H&M Fashion  [Images]

What is a wardrobe update without a slogan tee? “Never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day”. This t-shirt from H&M as any other works great on a lazy day throw on with some jeans or shorts or anything denim and bam! Style statement!. This one is no longer available online but similar ones are available here. For some reason I can never make it through H&M without buying a piece of jewellery, is that just me? This set of three gorgeous rings each with a sparkly stone for £9.99. Jewellery are a great piece of accessory to jazz your wardrobe definitely worth the purchase and if stored with care they last a good period of time. Last but not least is a belt, who doesn’t appreciate this accessory? This one is from H&M for £12.99.

I hope you enjoy this post, leave me a comment below to let me know. IMG_2451_Fotor-1440x960 5 new pieces in my wardrobe! style  Primark H&M Fashion  [Images]


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